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Travis Scott - 90210 ft. Kacy Hill

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Introducing HondaJet Elite

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$1 SHOE SHINE BOYS of SANTO DOMINGO Dominican Republic

Traveling Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, I had a feeling that I would find some shoe shine boys here. I traveled with three pairs of shoes for my three night stay to make a video like this.

Walking around the Colonial District zone, I had just finished an awesome barbershop experience up the block at New York Barberia. As soon as I came across these boys, I immediately agreed to a shoe shine. A 12 year old Haitian young man named Jason gave me an awesome shoe washing, polish, and shine.

I came prepared with some Sketchers shoes that needed some tender loving care. These New York walking shoes really did need some maintenance.

Asking price: 50 Pesos ($.95)
I gave him 200 Pesos.

Do you have a foot fetish, and like to see a beautiful Dominican woman give me a pedicure? Enjoy my pedicure video from Boca Chica here:

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This video is co-produced by Carla Marie Rupp.

Thank you! ❤
Jason Rupp




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